A Sedation Dentist:

  • Will not lecture or judge you in any way.
  • Will do everything to ensure that your experience is virtually pain-free.
  • Will ensure that you remain comfortable and relaxed at all times.
  • Will proceed at your pace, taking the time to fully explain each step of your care and what it will feel like.
  • Will listen and empathize with your fears and concerns.
  • Is there to serve you—and will not make any negative remarks about your teeth.
  • Will have friendly and courteous staff.
  • Will allow a companion to be with you at all times.
  • Will suggest the sedation method that best suits your individual needs.
  • Can utilize sedation to accomplish more work in fewer visits, saving time and worry.
  • Will be considerate of your time and make sure that your time in the waiting room is not excessive.
  • Will ensure your safety at all times.
  • Will give you detailed after-care instructions.
IV Sedation
IV Sedation
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